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Today I saw my first bluebirds for the spring season~

One of our fabulous bike paths that starts in Jackson and heads up to Teton National Park, just opened this weekend. It seems all the elk have migrated early this year with our spring weather and lo and behold, they opened it two weeks early! This means the entire town is riding up to the park and enjoying meadowlarks singing and bluebirds zipping around. Those vibrant heavenly birds!

Among my heavenly treats today...were the first spring flowers...spring beauties in their vibrant yellow glossy color and tiny yellow bells, such little things popping up for us to see! On the way back to town....a treat again... one pair of sandhill cranes along the elk refuge, all good signs of springtime in our little mountain abode! This week is national park week, so head on out and see some sights.....

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