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Welcome Spring!

This morning I took a walk across the frosty grass to see the garden - temperatures still brisk and cold I see. Starting in spring or as soon as I can get out really, I like to see how things are popping up in the garden. How mother earth is coming alive in spring with the ending of winter. I hear the songs of the birds and am gleeful to see my first Robin bird in the yard - yes it must mean spring! Rounding the corner to the back, views of the Tetons are the first inspiring I see! Such light, such clouds, such beauty. I love entering through an old gate to get to the backyard and imagine myself as one of the first settlers to Jackson and homesteading in this little valley - a Scandinavian settler fills my mind.

Let's see how green the grass is turning today...let's see how the daffodils are coming along and yes let's see if the deer have eaten any more tulips! As I ponder in the garden, I love hearing the doves cooing hello, welcome morning as they seem to say good morning to me....lovely I think, good morning to you too! Next to my surprise the neighborhood owl starts it's morning greeting too with a much longer call to me I imagine welcoming me. Such a wonderfull neighborhood - now where are my elk today - can I see them at the end of the street?

With so many simple treats my's time to walk down the few blocks to the main square in this sweet little mountain town. As I climb up the stairs to my delightful studio, I feel once again...thrilled and fortunate to be here. I am lucky...I get to have wonderful design space in one of the historic buildings on our square. It's where they used to hold the dances and collect their mail in days gone by - again old setllers fill my mind! Nowadays, I share space with architects and their team members, we all share creativity and inspirtation a like. As I unpack my things I ponder the many boxes that have already arrived... I love mail and gifts of fabrics, samples and catalogs! You can tell it's springtime and all the reps are out from Denver, Salt Lake and beyond to bring the latest to us! Yay and thank you! Inspiration is here and ready to roll for the day....

I am hoping to share some of the wonders of the area filled with some creativity to have fun each day....enjoy and thanks for reading!

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