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Snow is falling outside and I am cozily nestled in....happily working away :)

It's beginning to feel like winter in Wyoming this early November day...outside the snow is falling softly and it feels good to look at the peacefulness of the flakes falling silently downward. It's been quite an incredible summer for us and surprising warm fall to keep us motivated with lots going it always seems :) With the holidays coming so quickly, there are so many checks and reviews/details/orders with daily follow up...we are thick in progress for the upcoming holiday season with installations to happen before client's families arrive. It's always such an exciting time of year!!! Since I am caught up for the moment...I am snuggled away in my little birds nest, getting a chance to update the web site. How exciting it feels!!! It's always feels marvelous to have a bit of time to review our project photos and continue to add darling projects that have meant so much. I enjoy this quiet time to revamp things, playing if you will to tweak things to our inspiration and design. I love doing this and find the time blissfully flies along. As I continue to update things...I hope you will follow along and enjoy as well. Always feel free to send me comments and suggestions!!! Thanks for perusing!!!

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